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Tera term macro multiple connections


... Connections tab under Settings tab, auto logging will start by launching LogMeTT from TeraTerm macro (The log file is located in `TeraTerm installation ...


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On "Schedule" tab, a user can automatically run the macro script. By using this feature, a user can do as follows.


LogMeTT Download - IT helps to create, keep organized connection scripts written on TeraTerm Macro

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How to associate “TTL” files with MACRO. Since Tera Term ...

For example, I am readily able to purchase applications of this class ((mostly that run on MAC)) for about USD$25 but for a hundred bucks, it is not good ...

Tera Term Macro Examples

Tera Term

The Best Free Ssh Tabbed Terminal Clients For Windows

Tera Term Macro Examples ...

Tunnels interface

Making a Connection

Tera Term

mRemoteNG is another SSH client that supports multiple protocols and handles connection details.

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TeraTerm Script

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Tera Term



How to Open an Excel File from a Macro

Tera Term

Tera Term Macro Examples



Multi Command Sender in PuTTY Connection Manager

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"Read" Commands / Transmit "HELLO"

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You should notice that wireless communication is only occurring from the Router (Node 3) to the Coordinator (Node 1). This is because Router 1's (Node 2's) ...

SSH client or Telnet client

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Working ...

Here is our list of the best PuTTY alternatives for SSH clients:

3. SecureCRT

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Tera Term Serial Macro Example ...

alternatives to putty for ssh

1. Putty

Master (left) and Slave (right) Terminal Output During Manual Connection


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Browse For File and Open Workbook with Excel VBA

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putty_connection_manager properties

Solar Putty is a new SSH client that has a multi tab interface to support multiple sessions from one console.

Change the Session Name

The start-up headers should display in each terminal window.


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Figure 3: Use SecureCRT to establish remote connection

Create an automatic login script for multiple devices using SecureCRT - Part 1

Make sure you select Collector when you install TeraTerm if you want to use tabs.

FireSSH for Firefox and Chrome


net StreetDancer – Logic Vein – Net LineDancer – Network Management Configuration Software

Here you can create macros that send whatever strings/commands you'd like. Have a command that you're typing constantly? Make a macro for it!

Best SSH Clients Windows - MobaXterm

ssh clients similar to putty


Figure 14. Setting a Breakpoint in BitBangUartTransmit()

If you need to change your port after establishing a connection, go to Settings -> Modem Preferences.

SSH client and server

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Capture to Tera Term while accessing it's log file at the same time. - YouTube

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In gpio_led_output.c, replace “BOARD_LED_GPIO_PIN” with “BOARD_INITPIN_My_LED_GPIO_PIN” in lines 87 and 92.

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Debug Configuration Target Connection Tab

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TCP server

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8 Connecting to Multiple Hosts Using Unique Settings Files... 9 Creating

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Tera Term - Image: Tera Term Connection beginning

The DFP is named NXP::MIMXRT1021_DFP. Click on the "Install" button next to the pack. This process requires an internet connection to successfully complete.

Using the Soft Access Point

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Figure 4: The most popular SSH client—PuTTY